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Launched! The New Skyline View Magazine, Viewpoint

May 21, 2015
The Skyline View launched Viewpoint, its first-ever magazine, spring semester 2015.

The Skyline View launched Viewpoint, its first-ever magazine, spring semester 2015.

Every semester that The Skyline View has been publishing (over 15 years now!), each staff has left a legacy of some sort, be it growing from a newsletter to a tabloid, or moving the paper to online, or building a stronger multimedia presence, or ramping up its social media presence, or expanding the newsroom. This semester is no different.

Or perhaps it is. Because for the first time ever, The Skyline View has published a magazine, Viewpoint. This is a great leap forward. And of course, with every leap comes risk.

When the editors first spoke to the adviser about doing a magazine, everyone was very excited. After all, for years, staffers have asked to do a magazine, and now it was finally going to come to fruition. But with no magazine class, no magazine-specific staff, in fact, no real plan at all, it wasn’t going to be easy.

And just because they were committing to tackle a magazine didn’t mean they could abandon their bi-weekly print newspaper. Or their daily website. Or their hourly social media presence. All of which means it was quite difficult to focus on the logistics of How. To. Get. A Magazine. Out. So, why in the world would an adviser say, “Go for it!”?

Here’s why: Back in 1999, when Skyline College gave the green light to revive the 11-years dormant journalism program with a single class, news writing, adviser Nancy Kaplan-Biegel decided mid-semester that having a news writing class made no sense without having an actual newspaper. So on a wing and prayer, the students started The Skyline View.

That first semester, only two issues were published. They were four-page newsletters, really–far less impressive than the tabloid-sized 12-pagers the students produce every two weeks now (not to mention the daily publishing they do online and through social media).

Had they not pulled the trigger and gone for it, whether they were ready or not, there’s a good chance The Skyline View would not be thriving today. So the logic is this: Start a magazine. Just start. It may not be great. You’ll run into problems. But you’ll find ways to solve those problems. And they did. They figured out how to design pages that are more visual and oriented toward the long read. They learned something about setting up art that lands a strong visual punch. They learned that magazine articles aren’t quick-hit pieces that can be written in a day. And, yes, they learned you have to closely proofread the table of contents.

And you know what? We’ve already put the magazine in the calendar for next year. We’re already thinking about whether or not the college could support a magazine class. We’re already considering how to enter magazine contests.

Sometimes the only way to do something is to jump in. And jump in they did. The result is a great-looking first edition, one they can rightfully feel proud of. Check out their PDF version here.


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  1. awesome! congrats to all!

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