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Welcome to the Fall 2014 Semester!

August 19, 2014

Classes have resumed at Skyline College, and not three hours into the first day, Skyline View staffers were at their computers working hard to update their website. What’s even more fun is that old staffers–including those that had graduated and were waiting to leave for their four-year universities–came back to visit. One of the most rewarding things about being a part of the journalism program is watching the deep friendships that form among staff members.They are all genuinely excited to see each other after a long summer break.

And they really care about The Skyline View.  Even if they are no longer on staff or are headed off to another college, they are so committed, that they pour in and offer to help during the first few weeks. One example? Former multimedia editor Nico Truinfante has offered to help with the first video podcast of the semester even though he leaves for a Southern California university soon.

During the first session of class, the students brainstormed story ideas, and by the end of the day had published three stories, with a fourth published the next morning. 

It’s going to be a great semester.  Come by Room 8110 in building 8 to see how you can be part of it.


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  1. Lea Naqishbendi permalink

    It’s true, we’re like a family and it’s great 🙂

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