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Skyline College Journalism Department News for Spring 2014

March 11, 2014

What’s new for the Skyline College Journalism Department? Lots.

For one, the campus publication, The Skyline View, now has the largest staff it’s ever had. That’s great news for the campus community (especially in a district where we now have only one student news publication).  A larger staff means more things get covered on campus.

Second, new Editor in Chief Aaron Washington is leading a has a terrific editorial board, with a beefed up multimedia staff.  This means more video, audio, and blogs. It also means more connections with the publication’s audience through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

EIC Aaron Washington surveys The Skyline View newsroom during print production #3 on February 26, 2014.

EIC Aaron Washington surveys The Skyline View newsroom during print production #3 on February 26, 2014.

Third, TSV staffers and students from the other journalism courses will be heading to the Journalism Association of Community Colleges State Convention in Burbank, Calif. April 3-6.  This is California Community College’s version of the Super Bowl.  The team will compete in editorial contests, take multiple workshops from media professionals, and network like crazy.

Interested in what we do? Or want to pitch the staff a story idea? Stop by room 8110 any M, W or F. The editorial board would love to talk to you.  For specific positions, see below.

Editorial Board for The Skyline View for Spring 2014:

  1. Editor in chief:   Aaron
  2. Digital editor: Will Nacouzi
  3. Multimedia editor: Nico Triunfante
  4. Social media and blog editor: Shaquill Stewart
  5. News editor: Michelle Kelly
  6. Opinions editor: Steve Perotti
  7. Features editor:  Lea Naqishbendi
  8. Entertainment editor:  Ray Garcia
  9. Sports editor: Jordan Sweidan
  10. Chief copy editor: David Perez
  11. Production editor: Renee Abu-Zaghibra
  12. Photo/graphics editor: Josh Collier

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