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NBC Miami Now Home for Skyline View Staffer Brenda Cancino

August 11, 2012

We caught up with former Skyline View staffer, Brenda Cancino, who now works as the news video editor at NBC Miami. She generously gave her advice on how to get a job in TV news.

Brenda Cancino now works for NBC Miami as the news video editor.

Describe your job. I am in charge of editing news packages, VO’s, VOSOT’s, NATSVO’s, pictures, and basically everything pre-taped on the news show. I work on the 11 a.m. daily show, which includes performances, interviews, entertainment, and even a cooking segment. On my evening shift, I work in the 5 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscast. All of my editing is for the local news station; therefore, my packages and VO’s don’t always make it online.
What skills are needed to do your job? To survive in my position, it’s vital to be calm, concentrated and detail orientated. Reporters turn in their footage and packages literally 2 minutes or in the beginning of the show. As an editor, you have to remain calm, concentrate on what you are doing to avoid mistakes, and pay attention to all little details. The last thing you want to do is to miss an error on air. And, of course, as if time isn’t enough pressure, ALWAYS expect the computer to crash!!!!

What do you like best about your job? My favorite part of my job is to be able to see my finished product on TV. Since I am doing TV news, video is extremely, if not the most important! I like how important my work is, and although not always credited, it feels good to know that without me, that video would not have made the air. I also like the fact that I can be as creative as I want to tell a story! After a looong semester of media aesthetics, I can now actually use it!

What tips would you give to students who hope to do a job like yours someday? My best job tip would be to always stay on your toes! If you are looking to score a job, you should always be ready to STEAL the position. It is true, getting a job in TV news is all about timing; therefore, you should always be ready in case that time comes. After four internships, I can truly say it’s very easy to get lazy and let time [go] by without taking advantage of your access to the station. But you have to show them you really want to be there. I know it’s hard because there is no pay involved, but it’s a way of paying dues!
Your resume must be a priority. Make sure you use keywords, like rundowns, scripts, VO, VOSOT, names of programs!

What advice do you have for Skyline College journalism students? As a former Skyline View staffer, I would recommend to start early! There is not time wasted if you are interning. That way you will find out what medium you want to go into. Also, the most important: Practice writing! It is a must. Attend JACC and try to do as many workshops and meet as many people as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to follow up!!!!! Last year I went to a convention and met several Telemundo producers. I didn’t think much of it. Little did I know, NBC owns Telemundo and we share the same building; now I run into him all the time, and he is willing to help me out!

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