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It’s a Wrap!

May 22, 2012

The extended Skyline View staff held their end-of-the-semester luncheon at Boulevard in Daly City.

All good things must end.  Yesterday we had the end-of-the-semester Skyline View luncheon.  Several key staffers are going onto bigger and better:  UC Davis, San Diego State, UCB, and other places.  They’ve been a super staff that has definitely set the bar higher (again!) for the next staff.

Hopefully, they’ll be taking positive memories and permanent friendships with them.  At the very least, they’ve started to build their networks. And they definitely leave with several accomplishments as a group:

  • They put out a 16-pager for their last issue of the semester.
  • They completely redesigned the paper this semester.
  • They uploaded more multimedia than any previous semester.
  • They regularly produced a podcast.
  • They started an Instagram account for the paper.  (Follow them @theskylineview!)
  • They consistently met their goal of three sources, minimum, per news, feature or sports story.
  • They broke more news online this semester.
  • They started using an online system for making story assignments and planning page budgets for the print edition.
  • They produced a variety of articles that thoroughly covered the campus and reflected the diversity of interests of our community.

And in the process, they learned, made some mistakes, learned some more, and flourished.

If you are on a student newspaper staff, what are you proud of this year?


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