Former editor in chief Chris Morring gave the TSV staff a workshop in basic photography skills on Feb. 24. Morring has an M.A. from San Francisco State University.

Students on the newspaper staff had the opportunity to learn more about photography last Friday, when former editor in chief Chris Morring gave a workshop on using a digital camera.

The lesson was welcomed on many levels.  Many of the writers on staff this year are interested in photography, but don’t have much training in it.  And it’s long been a goal of staff to improve the quality of the photographs used in the paper.  Further, the program has several cameras available to students to check out, but not many students read the accompanying manual.

During and after the lecture, Morring–who has an Fine Arts from San Francisco State–answered questions from staffers about specific cameras or basic photo techniques.  Students learned everything from the types of lenses to the difference between shutter, aperture and sensor (or film) speed. Morring also coached them on photo composition, recommending techniques such as the rule of thirds, depth of field, framing within a frame and balancing elements, amongst others.

Morring is back at Skyline finishing his A.A. in journalism. His work, “Chroma Lux,” can be seen at least through the end of March at Music Lovers Audio & Video in San Francisco.  He can be reached at


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