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Time to Apply for Journo Scholarships

February 10, 2012

Scholarship season is rolling around again. Although there are many scholarship opportunities staggered throughout the year, we’re just in time for the following journalism scholarships:

The Marguerite Casey Foundation Journalism Scholarship on Poverty–Feb. 29

Journalism Association of Community Colleges Scholarship–March 1

National Press Photographers Foundation–March 1

College Columnists Scholarship Contest–March 1

National Association of Black Journalists–March 2

Radio Television Digital News Association–Either March 15 or April 1 (See website)

Some things to think about:

  • Talk to professors or employers EARLY about possible reference letters. Give them as long a lead time as possible. Ask nicely, and give them all the pertinent information about the application. And don’t forget to follow up with a thank you.
  • In fact, long before applying to a scholarship, you should be cultivating professional relationships with your mentors. That means, doing your best work with them, meeting deadlines, and showing that you are motivated.
  • If they write that recommendation letter, you’d had better apply. Don’t ask for a letter of recommendation (especially on short notice) if you aren’t sure you will have time or initiative to actually complete the application.
  • Give yourself enough time to assemble all the required documents, including clips since these are journalism scholarships.
  • Don’t automatically count yourself out. You can’t win if you don’t apply.
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