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Part of a Legacy

January 31, 2012

One of the great joys of teaching journalism at Skyline College and advising The Skyline View is that former students come back to say hi.  Their time on the newspaper staff has meant something to them.  They’ve done good work here and in the process formed strong bonds.

Just this week, for example, we’ve had three former editor in chiefs (all of whom have either graduated from college or about to graduate) come around the newsroom–and that doesn’t count the two who are still actively on staff as senior editors.

Carina Woudenberg and Shannon Elliott, editor in chiefs during different semesters, are just two of the former staffers who periodically visit The Skyline View.

What it makes for is a sense of legacy.  Students new to the paper see that these visiting former staffers found their tenure here at TSV worthwhile, both because the returning editors say so aloud (“I remember when I first learned layout–I miss it”) and because, well, these guys took the time to visit.  Those currently on staff get to hear about what the old staffers are doing now–starting internships, getting ready to graduate, starting their careers.  It’s a reminder to the newbies that being on staff is a cycle:  They have their time on the paper and then they’re gone–but they are a part of something that keeps going, something that they’ll always have a connection to, something that they’ve helped make better.

And indeed, each staff does continue to make The Skyline View better.  Each staff leaves a legacy of some kind.  Whether it’s a better design, or stronger reporting, or better photography, or more multimedia, each staff builds on the staff that came before it.

This semester, half our newspaper staffers are new.  They likely feel somewhat disoriented.  But hopefully, after this semester, they will feel like they have a home here–one they’ll want to visit once their time here has passed too.


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