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Online First, Print Second

January 21, 2012

On the first day that the newspaper staff meets, I always badger encourage them to post something, anything, to their web site to let the community know their Skyline View site is live again. The students organize themselves and are quite resourceful at getting content up before the end of that first day.

So, imagine this adviser’s delight when I popped my usual how-will-your-online-readers-know-that-you’re-back? question, and they countered with “We already have three news stories being copy edited right now. They’ll be online today.”

And they were.

It was a whole different story 10+ years ago when the paper first got underway. Back then, the students scrambled to get their print edition on the stands sometime during the first two weeks of school. That itself felt like a feat.

But today’s readers expect their news now. And that’s what The Skyline View has been getting better and better at over the past several years–updating their online site first without holding content until the print edition. It’s a good thing, too, because the first print edition of the semester this year doesn’t come out until February 2.

Instead readers can learn now about the new payment plan and its impact on students, the updated spot to get their coffee, and the use of the Clipper card for public transportation when the news is most relevant.

Look for more updates on their site soon.


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  1. Don’t forget to read about the future changes Skyline students would like to see on campus! 🙂

    • Skyline College Journalism Department permalink

      Even better! Thanks for the update!

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